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The Massachusetts Pink Patch Project official patch is a symbol of solidarity and support for breast cancer awareness and research. This distinctive patch features a bold and vibrant pink design that immediately captures attention and signifies the commitment of law enforcement agencies across the state to combat this devastating disease.


The patch prominently displays the iconic breast cancer awareness ribbon, a universal symbol of hope and advocacy. It serves as a visual reminder of the ongoing efforts to raise awareness, provide support to those affected by breast cancer, and fund critical research initiatives aimed at finding a cure.


Each Massachusetts Pink Patch Project patch is not only a badge of honor for first responders but also a powerful emblem of unity within the community. 

This patch is not just an accessory; it represents a promise to be vigilant advocates for breast cancer awareness and support. It embodies the spirit of collaboration between first responders and their communities, coming together to raise awareness and funds in the pursuit of a world without breast cancer.

Massachusetts Pink Patch Project Patch

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  • Items will be shipped via USPS - Please allow 3-5 business days for your item to arrive. All items sent are emailed a tracking number for their convience

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